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Overcoming Insecurity: A Talk with Tomáš Jech of Riot Games

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Design Techniques for 3D Concept Art

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of “Matte Painting Techniques for Concept Design” with Gavriil Klimov.


In this tutorial, Gavriil Klimov guides us through his pipeline and workflow to create sci-fi 3D concept design using 3ds Max, Keyshot and Photoshop.

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Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 2 Maya Based Workflow with Alex Alvarez

Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 2 focuses on techniques that allow the artist to effectively 'up-rez' regions of the terrain. Adding ZBrush to the workflow, Alex identifies areas that would benefit from digital sculpting. New geometry is created from the initial satellite DEM file (Digital Elevation Model) that is topologized, UV'd, then sculpted using ZBrush's HD Geometry. The procedural rock textures generated in Volume One are now used as ZBrush Alphas to quickly sculpt rock and cliff details. In addition to HD ZBrush workflows, Alex also shows an alternate approach that allows us to utilize DEMs directly in ZBrush, as well as how to use Decimation Master and XNormal to generate high-quality results. 

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Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 1 Maya Based Workflow with Alex Alvarez

Creating Terrains with Satellite Data, Volume 1, explores the skills necessary to create terrains with a high-altitude camera. We start by location scouting with Google Earth, settling on a region of the Grand Canyon to develop. The National Map, a free service from the USGS, is then used to download the corresponding elevation data (DEM) and satellite photos. As the data is delivered in tiles, we then use GlobalMapper to stitch, and re-tile, the data into a format that can be used in Maya.

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Friday the 13th TV Series in the Works

 Jordu Schell is one of two writers for this new series source:


Jason Voorhees: Ready for prime time.

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Concept Design Workflow Vol 2: Using Modo and Photoshop to Visualize Design

Concept Design Workflow Vol.2 "Uing Modo and Photoshop to Visualize Design" In a continuation of Volume 1, Aaron explains his illustration and design process using 3D software and 2D painting. Using Modo as a visualization tool, Aaron demonstrates different methods of using a 3D model to start a finished illustration. Setting up lighting and rendering in his 3D scene, he then applies textures and paint in Photoshop to produce a finished illustration. Explaining function as much as form, Aaron explains his thought process behind creating such environmental designs, and how said techniques are used only to support the original inspiration and design.