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The Making of Sunset Overdrive


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Making Frankenstein’s Monster with Peter Zoppi

This course provides an in-depth overview on the making of Peter Zoppi’s Frankenstein. The lecture begins with a demonstration of Peter's modeling, sculpting and design process that includes Maya, Mudbox and resurfacing techniques. Peter also discusses body proportions and quick rigging in Maya for posing. With the model complete, he then moves on to look development using Mudbox to explore both high-frequency details, such as pores and wrinkles, and diffuse color maps.

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Global Illumination and Caustics in Maya & mental ray with Frederic Durand

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Global Illumination and Caustics in Maya & mental ray" Lighting and Rendering Series Vol. 4 with Frederic Durand.


Frederic Durand demonstrates a variety of techniques for using Global Illumination and Caustics within Maya and mental ray. Global Illumination and Caustics rendering techniques use photons as the method to create natural lighting phenomenon.

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Visual Development for Feature Animation With Gil Rimmer

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of “Visual Development for Feature Animation” with Gil Rimmer.


The ability to convey story and emotion through imagery is vital for developing the look of a film or game. Good design is guided by a cohesive style that reinforces the storytelling and mood.

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Maya Viewport 2.0 and Shader FX with Eric Keller

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Maya Viewport 2.0 and Shader FX" with Eric Keller.


In this lecture, Eric explores the new features and functionality of Maya 2015's Viewport 2.0. Starting with advice on how to optimize your workstation in order to take advantage of the new features, Keller then goes into an in-depth discussion of the special Viewport 2.0 Shader FX and DirectX 11 materials.


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