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Interview with Wayne Hollingsworth

I received my Masters degree from Digital Media Arts College specializing in Visual effects and computer animation. Trained as a generalist, I always had a passion for Visual Effects and the dynamic aspects of 3D. So I decided to specialize in Fluid and Dynamic simulations. I was fortunate enough to sign my first contract with The Moving Picture Company (MPC), and I have been working in LA as an FX artist ever since......


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Interview with Alex Alvarez

Suits vs. Shirts, or Business vs. Creative types. It was 118 degrees with no air conditioning. There were a bunch of artists from games, film, and fine-art soaking wet in the middle of the desert with nothing to drink but Red Bull when I first met Alex Alvarez. I was a studio partner holding a workshop in Austin, Texas and fully expected to meet an entrepreneur or "CEO" type in a business suit. You know the type that tries to "fit in with the artist". Instead, I found a 32 year old artist in cargo shorts and a black t-shirt, as excited as we were about the event. Alex was checking out every demonstration he could, with his only frustration being that he couldn't see all of them. In short, he wasn't the "Suit" I was expecting to find, but a passionate artist ecstatic to be hanging out with like-minded individuals. With the release of his Master Class, an advanced 3D Creature Development course based on his Gnomon School class for certificate students, I wanted to sit down and gather some thoughts on Alex's experiences over the past thirteen years building companies by artists, for artists.....


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Interview with Marshall Vandruff

Marshall Vandruff’s brand new “Introduction to Animal Anatomy” title was released this week at the Gnomon Workshop. While he was here recording I had a chance to inquire about his background and how he found himself working as an illustrator and teaching anatomy....


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Interview With Cameron Davis

I recently had a chance to meet with character designer and self-proclaimed "idea boy" Cameron Davis at his mansion home in Studio City, CA. It played like this: I arrive at 3pm. A genuine French Maid invites me into his backyard where I interrupt him hot tubbing with (apparently) the performers of a Cirque du Soleil show. After toweling off and handing me a "breakfast mimosa," we sit in lounge chairs in the shade of a massive avocado tree....


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Interview with Josh Herman

My name is Josh Herman and I recently graduated from Gnomon in December. As a kid, I drew a lot and liked to create my own games, typically board games. I would steal the printer paper with those perforated edges from my dad’s printer and lay it out on the ground and make a life size board. Even though I probably ruined tons of paper and made a mess of the rooms, my family was always very supportive and would usually play with me...


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Interview with Scott Patton

Scott Patton started his career as a make-up effects artist in the 1990s, developing his sculpting, painting and design skills under the tight production deadlines of the movie industry. Patton's work as a make-up effects artist can be seen in a diverse range of films from Sin City and Kill Bill to Amistad and The Green Mile. While working on the Academy Award winning The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, Patton discovered ZBrush and quickly realized that this tool could speed up the often frustrating character design process...


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