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Yellowstone Supervolcano VFX

Check out this amazing work by our friends, and tutorial authors, Eric Hanson and Greg Downing of xRez. Really amazing stuff! Yellowstone Supervolcano VFX


This is a breakdown of the visual effects techniques employed by xRez Studio to reveal a geologic cutaway of the Grand Prismatic pool in Yellowstone National Park, for the film "Supervolcanoes", directed and produced by Tom Lucas and Spitz, Inc. Designed for the planetarium fulldome format, the shot intends to show a small portion of the vast underground magma chamber that sits below the states of Wyoming and Idaho. The depth and size portrayed is based on real scientific data.

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Neville Page is a judge on the new season of Face Off!

Hey everyone... our good friend, and tutorial author, Neville Page is a judge on the new season of Face Off! Tune yourself in and watch Neville get in on the critiques of some very talented contestants!

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Watch EXOIDS from Gnomon Studios


Exoids from Gnomon School of Visual Effects on Vimeo. Exoids, the new animated short film from Gnomon Studios, is now online! Exoids follows the octane-fueled adventures of the nomadic desert slug Gus Nitrous on his search for precious water. The story takes a dangerous turn as Gus ventures into the Exoids-occupied city of Los Angeles, culminating in a high-speed desert car chase that ends with an epic showdown. Gnomon Studios prepares advanced Gnomon students for their professional careers by giving them the opportunity to work on projects in a studio environment under the guidance of actual production professionals. Through projects like “Exoids,” Gnomon students are able to take on various roles of a production team in a studio environment, thus coming away with an advanced form of training and experience to leverage when pursuing opportunities in the entertainment art and visual effects industries.

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Pixologic interviews Kevin Hudson of Double Negative and Scott Patton of Legacy Effects


Gnomon Workshop instructors Kevin Hudson of Double Negative and Scott Patton of Legacy Effects are featured on Pixologic’s Studio Interview pages for their amazing work on Disney’s John Carter. Read what they have to say about their work on the film. Links here…

Scott Patton

Kevin Hudson

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Interview with Cecil Kim

  I am a Co-Owner/Creative Director of Section Studios and Bluecanvas Inc which I joined last week after 11 years of employment with Sony Santa Monica Studio. I was Visual Development Lead at Sony Santa Monica Studio who brought the God of War franchise and many other hit titles to the gaming world. I also teach at Otis College of Art and Design and Art Center College of Design in the entertainment design program and have taught at Gnomon School of Visual Effects.


Read the interview with Cecil Kim by Travis Bourbeau

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Interview with Dave Pasciuto

Similar to many artists, I was a very imaginative kid much like Calvin from Calvin & Hobbes- which I am a huge fan of. I was attracted to anything that didn't look "real." Stuff like spaceships, robots, comic books and cartoons like Transformers, Robotech, Voltron, and Thundercats- Cheetara was so hot! Of course there were all the toys that went along with those shows, but they were a huge part of me growing up. I'd like to say Star Wars, but I was really young when it came out and actually had to leave the theatre for Empire Strikes Back. I think I was about 6 or 7 at the time, it sort of just freaked me out, I got scared. Hah! So it was only later that I could appreciate it for what it was, but loved it. Needless to say, these things influenced my drawings and art.......


Read the interview with Dave Pasciuto by Travis Bourbeau