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Interview with Sebastien Larroude

Humm! How to start? A Frenchman eats a lot of cheese on a fresh baguette and drinks the best wines; he travels a lot as well… I went to an Art School in France (Photography and fine-arts) and I decided to leave this country few years later. I first started as a 3D Artist (animation, rendering, lighting, modeling… I even did some rigging) using all the software available like Lightwave, 3Dsmax, Xsi, Maya, Modo and ZBrush. I ended up logically doing some compositing with Digital Fusion.


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Interview with David Levy

Bonjour Barontieri, as you mentioned, we definitely have known each other for a long time! I remember with emotions those years studying in industrial design, so much has happened since. I am a visual director in Austin, managing concept art teams in order to create the most beautiful games possible. Nowadays, as you very well know, the industry has changed so much, that any large size project needs to be pre-digested before production can take over... 


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Interview with Neville Page

When one looks at Neville Page’s background and family, it really is no surprise that he would be involved in some form of creativity. His parents met in the theatre in Great Britain, his mother a dancer and father a musician. They eventually joined the circus, where his father played in the band and mother found herself atop an elephant waving at the crowd in a feathery outfit. You could say that when Neville was an infant he was not without colorful exposure...


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Interview with Thierry Doizon

Bonjour David, you know it’s good to hear such a question coming from you, we have known each other for 15 years already and we followed a very similar path. Today we’re closer than ever to the goals we chose then. Steambot Studios is just the beginning. I’m a concept designer who loves to draw, paint and create original stories; I currently work for Eidos in Montreal as a senior concept artist for the game Deus Ex III. I have been working on this industry for almost 13 years (sic!); it’s full of fun, frustration and constant discoveries!...


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Interview with David Finch

My mother was very supportive, but for the most part, everyone else had to really see that it could actually be a viable job before they were convinced. It’s understandable because everyone equates artist with starving, but there are actually a lot of jobs where artwork can lead to a fulfilling career with a good income...


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Interview with Ian Joyner

I went to school for graphic Design, worked doing websites, business cards and some flash animation stuff, but mostly did a lot HTML and Action Script coding… I hated it. Making websites for scrap booking and flower shops, though a fine business to be in was not for me. In school I was mostly interested in sculpture, comic books and film…anything character driven (all of my notebooks and text books were lined with sketches of batman and monsters from beyond!)...


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