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Interview with John Brown

Sculptor and figurative artist, John Brown, has a wide breath of impressive experience working as an in-demand artist not only for film and entertainment, but also in education and for the sculpting community. Brown’s sculptures reside in private collections and have been publicly featured. In this interview, John Brown touches on key elements he’s garnered as an artist and how he enhances his innate tendencies as a creative by using proactive and fundamental habits.


Read the interview with John Brown by Genese Davis

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Introduction to MODO

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Anatomy of the Human Leg and Hip

Anatomy of the human leg and hip

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Interview with Rogelio Olguin

Rogelio Olguin has combined his passion for sculpting, painting, textures and shading into a successful environment art career. In this interview, Rogelio Olguin describes his perspective on traditional and digital art, the daily demands an environment artist faces, and the highlights and influences that surfaced from working on both personal and professional projects.


Read the interview with Rogelio Olguin by Genese Davis


The Art of Ant-Man & The Wasp with Marvel Studios

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Introduction to Substance Painter 2018