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Realistic Dog Grooming for Production

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Creating an Illustration from A to Z with Pascal Blanché

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Creating 360° Concept Art for Production

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2D Fantasy Illustration with Jana Schirmer

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Interview with Marc Gabbana

At home with robots, monsters, slick cars and even children’s stories, industry veteran Marc Gabbana has created concept art for VFX-heavy epics like Star Wars: Episode I & II and The Matrix sequels, Blade Runner 2049, Star Trek: Beyond and designs for visually stunning Audi, Comcast and Verizon commercials, to name a few. Hear about his start in the Detroit automotive industry, why traditional drawing techniques are a key foundation for any creative, and a bit about getting to work at Skywalker Ranch.

Read the interview with Marc Gabbana by Courtney Trowbridge


GPU Rendering: An Introduction to Redshift for Production

GPU Rendering: An Introduction to Redshift for Production