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Elephant Anatomy Vol. 1: Drawing Skeletons & Musculature
Animal Anatomy for Creature Design With Terryl Whitlatch

Terryl Whitlatch

9h 45m | 16 Chapters

Developing Storytelling Skills from Life
with April Connors

April Connors

3h 06m | 14 Chapters

Anatomy for Artists Volume 2
Understanding the Leg and Foot with Rey Bustos

Rey Bustos

2h 51m | 8 Chapters

Comic Book Coloring
with Steve Firchow

Steve Firchow

3h 00m | 15 Chapters

Anatomy Workshop Volume 7
Anatomy of the Human Leg and Hip

Charles Hu

3h 57m | 10 Chapters

Designing Creatures in Adobe Photoshop
with Aaron Sims

Aaron Sims

3h 10m | 8 Chapters

Fantasy Sculpting
The Dragon of Argos

Shiflett Brothers

2h 37m | 12 Chapters

Comic Book Layout and Pencilling
with Alvin Lee

Alvin Lee

2h 30m | 13 Chapters

3D Illustration and Environment Modeling Workflows
with Toni Bratincevic

Toni Bratincevic

5h 24m | 12 Chapters

Introduction to Grooming With Ornatrix in Maya
Ornatrix, Maya, Substance Painter & V-Ray Workflow With Santhosh Koneru

Santhosh Koneru

2h 49m | 10 Chapters

Mechanical Character Design
with Joe Peterson

Joe Peterson

3h 20m | 16 Chapters

How to Render Matte Surfaces 3
Shading Complex Curved Surfaces with Scott Robertson

Scott Robertson

2h 00m | 10 Chapters

TRex lookDev and lighting with Maya and Arnold
with Charles Chorein

Charles Chorein

3h 51m | 14 Chapters

Designing Sci-Fi Military Robotics
with Aaron Beck

Aaron Beck

3h 17m | 8 Chapters

Designing and Rendering Fantasy Characters in Pencil
with Wayne Barlowe

Wayne Barlowe

2h 09m | 7 Chapters

3D and 2D Techniques for 360 degree Panoramic Illustration
Re-Creating Great Moments in History with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

3h 20m | 15 Chapters

Illustration Techniques with Dave Dorman Vol. 1
Pencil Art and Painting Preparation

Dave Dorman

1h 50m | 6 Chapters

Drawing the Figure: Volume 2
Form and Structure with Jack Bosson

Jack Bosson

1h 16m | 7 Chapters

Creating a Faery Figure
with Wendy Froud

Wendy Froud

4h 00m | 16 Chapters

Designing a Transforming Super Mecha
Drawing & Rendering Robots Using Clip Studio Paint & Photoshop With Léo Chiola

Léo Chiola

3h 04m | 9 Chapters

Creating Translucent Creature Skin
Painting Techniques with Gino Acevedo

Gino Acevedo

1h 51m | 6 Chapters

Figure Fundamentals Volume 4
Drawing The Male Head With Planes And Tones with Van Arno

Van Arno

3h 32m | 12 Chapters

Getting Started in Cinema 4D for Designers
Designing With 3D With Tomasz Opasinski

Tomasz Opasinski

4h 22m | 16 Chapters

Comic Book Illustration
Pinups and Covers

Phil Noto

2h 11m | 9 Chapters

Comic Book Pencilling with Stephen Platt
From Thumbnails to Finished Pencils

Stephen Platt

2h 10m | 6 Chapters

Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch Vol. 3
The Marine Mare and Uberhorse

Terryl Whitlatch

2h 20m | 8 Chapters

Visual Development with Marc Gabbana Vol. 2
Digital Rendering - Finalizing the TribalBot

Marc Gabbana

3h 25m | 13 Chapters

Vehicle Design with Alex Jaeger Vol.1
From Script to Concept

Alexander Jaeger

2h 22m | 8 Chapters

Anatomy Workshop Volume 5
Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso

Charles Hu

3h 02m | 9 Chapters

Enemy Creature Design for Games: FLESH-TEK — Vol. 1
Photoshop Concept Design Techniques With J.P. Targete

J.P. Targete

4h 07m | 6 Chapters

Creating 360° Concept Art for Production
with Nick Hiatt

Nick Hiatt

5h 20m | 12 Chapters

Figure Fundamentals Volume 2
Construction For Perspective and Volume with Van Arno

Van Arno

2h 46m | 8 Chapters

Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch Vol. 2
Avian Creature, White Fright

Terryl Whitlatch

1h 50m | 7 Chapters

Figure Fundamentals Volume 3
Drawing the Female Head with Van Arno

Van Arno

3h 25m | 11 Chapters

Creature Design with Terryl Whitlatch Vol. 4
Toad-ogre Creature Concept and Story

Terryl Whitlatch

1h 37m | 10 Chapters

Vehicle Design with Alex Jaeger Vol.2
Concept Breakdown and Rendering

Alexander Jaeger

3h 16m | 13 Chapters

Creating a Concept Model in VR
Vehicle Modeling in Gravity Sketch & Cinema 4D With Glen Southern

Glen Southern

3h 29m | 15 Chapters

Hunting the Idea
Creative Concept Design with Miguel Martinez

Miguel Martinez

2h 13m | 13 Chapters

Sculpture 5
Molding and Casting the Maquette

John Brown

4h 45m | 32 Chapters

Comic Book Illustration Vol. 2
Comic Book Inking with Joe Weems

Joe Weems

2h 30m | 11 Chapters

A Pungent Character
Getting Grit Into Imaginary Faces with David Meng

David Meng

3h 07m | 9 Chapters

Sculpting a Stylized Character
with David Meng

David Meng

2h 30m | 10 Chapters

Creating a Character Figure
with Wendy Froud

Wendy Froud

3h 25m | 15 Chapters

Sculpture 4
Molding and Casting the Head

John Brown

2h 30m | 34 Chapters

Sculpture 3
Sculpting the Detailed Character Head

John Brown

2h 00m | 19 Chapters

The Techniques of Harald Belker Vol. 1
Introduction to Car Design and Drawing

Harald Belker

2h 00m | 7 Chapters

Illustration Techniques with Dave Dorman Vol. 2
Traditional Painting in Oils and Mixed Media

Dave Dorman

2h 20m | 11 Chapters

Imaginative Illustration with J.P. Targete Vol. 3
The Final Color Illustration

J.P. Targete

2h 29m | 8 Chapters

Clay to Bronze
An Encyclopedic Guide to Making Bronze Statues with John Brown

John Brown

2h 30m | 13 Chapters

Introduction to Creature Design: Volume 2
Coloring Creature Concepts in Photoshop With Kyle Brown

Kyle Brown

4h 24m | 7 Chapters