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Real-Time VFX Fundamentals for Unreal Engine 5

Game Animation Principles using UE5, Maya & Photoshop with Tobias Ahlgren Cederlöf


Level up your real-time VFX fundamentals with senior VFX artist Tobias Ahlgren Cederlöf as he breaks down the foundations of making great effects for games — while also analyzing what can make game FX not-so-great for comparison. This workshop offers a great introduction of the key concepts that aspiring VFX artists should follow, while also proving to be a helpful refresher and source of inspiration for experienced artists.

Using nothing but basic elements including sprites, meshes, and animated materials, Tobias creates a multi-stage anime-inspired effect while focusing on the fundamental animation principles coined by animators at Walt Disney Studios many years ago. By completing this workshop, artists will have learned what goes into making great effects at the very core, without needing fancy tech or complicated pipelines.

To fully enjoy this workshop, you simply need Unreal Engine 5 and some basic knowledge of what makes up a real-time effect, like emitters, particles and sprites. All of the textures and meshes Tobias created for this workshop are provided as a downloadable resource (source textures and .fbx meshes) for subscribers.

Duration: 4h 15m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Tobias Ahlgren Cederlöf

Senior VFX Artist at Remedy Entertainment

Tobias Ahlgren Cederlöf has worked on a plethora of AAA games for high-profile franchises including Battlefield, Star Wars, and Diablo. He has honed his skills across different art styles and genres and, in his free time, he loves to enjoy the outdoors and hang out with friends and family — while playing games, of course. 

Follow Tobias on Instagram @honeybss and see his career to date on LinkedIn.