Introduction to Color

with Dean Deakyne

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In this title, Dean Deakyne takes you through the steps necessary to create a color tattoo. Dean demonstrates how to map out an area of skin for the tattoo to prepare for the design stage. He shows how to design a tattoo using pencil and pen drawings that are scanned into a computer and finalized using Photoshop and Illustrator. Dean then explains how to properly set up a sanitary tattoo station, gives an in-depth overview of all the equipment needed for the tattoo procedure, and shows how to set up and mix different shades of color. Starting the outline process, Dean covers a variety of line work such as gray line, basic outlining and sculpting lines from thick to thin. He then moves into his techniques for black shading and color blending to give the work a smooth airbrushed look. This informative title is packed full of information that will help get beginning tattoo artists over the hurdles that they often face in their first color tattoos.

Duration: 200 minutes

Format: HD 1280x720

Chapter List

  • 00. Preview
  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Tracing for Template
  • 03. Drawing
  • 04. Illustrator and Photoshop
  • 05. Stencil Making
  • 06. Station Set up
  • 07. Tattoo Animation
  • 08. Color Mixing
  • 09. Stencil Application
  • 10. Outlining, Part 1
  • 11. Outlining, Part 2
  • 12. Shading
  • 13. Color
  • 14. Closing Statements


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  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color
  • Introduction to Color

Dean Deakyne

Tattoo Artist

Starting in 1982, Dean Deakyne has been tattooing for over two decades. Early in his career he was heavily involved in the tattoo circuit which led to a rapid advancement of his skills. He eventually moved to Southern California and opened two tattoo studios (Sick & Twisted Productions and Orange County Ink). Deciding to further advance his art, he left the studios to pursue new artistic endeavors at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects. Dean has won numerous international tattoo awards and has been featured in newspapers, television and magazines world-wide.

  • "I so wish that Dean Deakyne's instructional tutorials had been available when I first picked up a tattoo machine. As I've been a professional fine artist for many years, I decided to try tattooing on my own, thinking...."I can draw and paint, how hard can it be to tattoo?" I soon found out that without any guidance, it was very hard indeed. Then I had the breakthrough experience of watching Dean's tutorials. Dean actually tattoos the pieces while you watch and narrates step by step, so there's no guesswork about what he's doing. Every basic question I had previously (and many advanced ones, as well) were answered, from artistic to practical."

    - Leah Overbey