Intro to Corel Painter

Concept Art Workflow with Ryan Church

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In this lecture, Ryan Church introduces the viewer to Corel Painter. Ryan teaches the way he uses the program on a daily basis to create production artwork for the film and video game industries. From the basic first steps of setting up the Painter workspace and menus, to using brushes, layers, papers and textures, this title is perfect for anyone interested in learning traditional illustration techniques using Painter's powerful features and tools. As the lecture progresses, Ryan walks you through his process for creating a finished production illustration in real time, from sketching and designing, to composing and adding final details.

Duration: 195 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Chapter List

  • 00. Preview
  • 01. Introduction
  • 02. Setting up the Painter Workspace
  • 03. Preferences
  • 04. Image Navigation
  • 05. Customizing Hot Keys
  • 06. Painter's Brushes
  • 07. Using Layers
  • 08. Using Papers
  • 09. Shapes
  • 10. Effects
  • 11. Starting a Painting
  • 12. Monochromatic Sketching
  • 13. Refining Design and Composition
  • 14. Local Color Pass
  • 15. Lighting and Atmosphere
  • 16. Adding Texture and Details
  • 17. Adding Drama, Depth and Mood
  • 18. Finished Rendering


  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter
  • Intro to Corel Painter

Ryan Church

Illustrator - Concept Designer - Art Director

Ryan Church is one of the leading concept artists working today. His clients and employers include Walt Disney Imagineering, Universal Studios, Industrial Light and Magic, and Lucasfilm. Ryan was Concept Design Supervisor for Star Wars: Episode 3 and is a Senior Art Director at ILM, where his roles include designing and illustrating vehicles, droids, architectures and environments and art directing final shots and assets. He has taught Advanced Entertainment Design at Art Center. He majored in Transportation Design with a minor in Entertainment Design at the Art Center College of Design.

  • "When Ryan Church started giving his unique vision to the Star Wars universe four years ago, it was clear that he was going to pave the way for future digital artists. His art immediatly transports you into new dimensions of form and color. He's one of today's strongest digital inspirations."

    - Sparth
    Concept designer / illustrator