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Creating Game Ready Animations for Production

with Bill Buckley


This tutorial teaches many of the skills needed to become a successful game animator; one that has an understanding of how their animations are used to create systemic solutions within a third person game project. Students are introduced to the powerful animation tools and capabilities within the Unreal Editor. Veteran game developer and Animation Director, Bill Buckley, guides students through multiple lessons while showcasing techniques developed throughout his career to speed up production, as well as ensure that the iteration process is streamlined and effective. He begins by using the ART Maya rig, provided by Unreal when you download the Unreal Editor, to create and replace existing animations within a provided project template, demonstrating how animation assets are used within a game project. Bill then moves into more advanced techniques by creating a three hit attack combination. Using an Animation Montage, he showcases how each combo of the attack has a successful blend and fail condition based on user input. In the end, viewers will have an understanding of how their animation assets will be best utilized within a game project, and what skills would be needed to showcase their ability to be a game animator.

Duration: 478 Minutes

Format: HD 1920x1080

Bill Buckley

Animation Director First Contact Entertainment

Bill Buckley has been working as an animator and artist in the video game industry for over ten years and has worked on three of the top ten best-selling video game franchises in history. His roles have included Senior Animator, Story Artist, Digital Cinematographer, Concept Artist and currently, Animation Director with First Contact Entertainment. He has provided story art and animation on popular titles for companies such as THQ, Disney Interactive, Limbic, SCEA, Activision (Neversoft and Infinity Ward) and StarBreeze. His resume includes major titles such as Tony Hawk Proving Ground, WWE Smackdown vs. Raw, NBA 2007, Disney’s Club Penguin, eight Guitar Hero titles, Call of Duty: Ghosts, Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare, John Wick The Impossible Task in VR and ROM Extraction. His work has also been featured in commercials, comic books and theme park attractions. When Bill is not transforming his wild imagination into usable art assets, he enjoys mentoring and teaching game art to aspiring artists. He has lectured at universities and conventions, both domestic and abroad, and has published two graphic novels as well as contributed to numerous gaming textbooks. Bill received a BA in Fine Art with an emphasis on Entertainment Arts and Animation. Bill lives in Southern California with his talented and gorgeous wife (who wrote this bio) and his adorable baby girls.