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3D Look Development in Modo

with Andras Kavalecz


In this tutorial, Andras Kavalecz demonstrates how to develop a 2D concept by Stephen Change into 3D using Modo. Andras will guide the viewer through the entire process from modeling, UV layout, painting textures, replicators, lighting, shading and rendering. The goals of this demonstration is to showcase Modo's "artist-friendly" and intuitive workflow and to share how Modo can bridge 2D concept art with 3D look development - empowering the 2D concept artist with the flexibility of 3D.

Duration: 469 minutes

Format: SD 1024x768

Andras Kavalecz

3D Artist

Andras KavAKAcz has 16 years of professional experience creating digital art for games, film and TV. He has worked for LucasArts, Electronic Arts, Passion Pictures and many other companies. During the last 16 years, he gathered a lot of production experience using industry standardized 3rd party applications and helped to develop proprietary software applications. Recently he finished his VFX work on Star Wars The Force Unleased II and the award-winning short film The 3rd Letter. He is currently working on various movie projects as a Visual Effects Supervisor at Marauder Films. Andras was born in Hungary, raised in Germany, worked in Germany and the UK before coming to California in 2006.