Sculpting Expression and Fantasy Characters

with John Brown

Chapter List


Sculpting Expression and Fantasy Characters covers a multitude of advanced sculpting techniques. Chapter one covers sculpting the quarter scale male bust. You'll learn advanced theories that will positively shape and influence your concepts and designs. Chapter two covers new molding and casting techniques designed to save time and energy. You'll learn how to mold and cast individual clay copies of the original model, allowing for visual continuity when you sculpt a new expression. Chapters three and four cover sculpting the "Happy" and "Angry" states of expression, implementing the rules learned in chapter one. Finally we'll take a clay cast of the original model and turn it into a fantasy character and learn how to paint it in Adobe Photoshop®.

Duration: 275 minutes

Format: SD 854x480

Chapter List

  • 00. Preview
  • 01. Head Fundamentals & Theory
  • 02. Molding & Clay Casting
  • 03. Sculpting the "Smile"
  • 04. Sculpting "Angry"
  • 05. Sculpting the Fantasy Character
  • 06. Sculpting the Lenny Character
  • 07. Sculpting the George Character
  • 08. Getting Started
  • 09. Base Tones
  • 10. Sampling the Eyes
  • 11. Sampling Skin Tones
  • 12. Blending
  • 13. Adding Highlights
  • 14. Blending Horns with the Skin
  • 15. Adding Spot Details
  • 16. Dry Skin Technique
  • 17. Adding the Background
  • 18. Adding Background Elements

John Brown

Character / Creature Designer Sculptor

With over forty film and television credits, John Brown’s skills as a sculptor placed him in the top live-action special make-up FX houses in Hollywood. Credits include Alien Resurrection, Species 2, George of the Jungle, Jumanji, X-Files, Mars Attacks, Bless The Child, Monkeybone, The Cell, Spy Kids, Scary Movie 2, Planet of the Apes and a host of others. John is also a bronze figurative artist whose sculptures reside in private collections throughout the United States.

  • "I have had the great fortune and enjoyment of watching John Brown’s exceptional tutorial series on sculpting the human figure and head. John draws from a traditional approach where he has an incredible indepth understanding of the Bridgeman philosophy. His tutorials are succinct, focused and deliver a wonderful set of tutorials on sculpting the human form. I now enjoy sharing these tutorials with the sculpting team here at Weta Workshop and believe they will also get a great deal out of John’s teachings."

    - Richard Taylor
    Co-Owner and Creative Director Weta Workshop