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Rogelio Olguin

Texture Artist, Naughty Dog

Rogelio Olguin has over 14 years of experience in the Computer Graphics and Video Game industries. He is currently working at Naughty Dog as a Texture Artist. Rogelio's recent credits include "The Last of US" at Naughty dog, as a Texture Artist, and "Tomb Raider" by Crystal Dynamics, as a Senior Environment Artist. When Rogelio is not working he enjoys sculpting with clay and painting.

  • "Rogelio is one of the best texture artist and Substance Designer specialist I know. If you want to unleash the true power and become a master of Substance Designer I can only, strongly recommend Rogelio's tutorial!"

    - Sebastien Deguy
    Allegorithmic, Founder and CEO

  • "Few people have as masterful of an understanding of Substance Designer as Rogelio. His creative process has given me much insight into the unlimited possibilities of procedural texturing. I am thrilled to have learned so much from such a talented and good artist"

    - David Ballard
    Environment Artist at Naughty Dog

  • "Rogelio is an incredibly skilled and well versed environment artists, with the ability to take on challenges ranging from the highly technical to the purely artistic. He has been a pioneer of procedural Substance texturing at Naughty Dog, leading the charge with some of the most beautiful, efficient, and elegant texture work in the industry. He has disseminated incredibly well thought out information for the team to leverage, and helped make substance vital to our texture pipeline. The art community is fortunate to have him share his knowledge with everyone."

    - Teagan Morrison
    Technical Art Director / Naughty Dog