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Creating Believable 3D Environments

The Making of "Unmystified" with Seth Thompson


In this presentation, Seth Thompson shares many of the fundamental skills and insider tips he has learned during his professional career that can improve the speed of creation and the quality of 3D environments. He covers methods for controlling the viewer’s eye with strong composition, creating believablility, reference, modeling, sculpting, lighting, UVW mapping and how to quickly texture a scene with tileable and camera-projected materials. Numerous ZBrush sculpting demonstrations and explanations for 3ds Max plug-ins, including Tension Modifier, Ivy Generator, nonQuadSelector and Ultimate Painter, are provided. Software showcased in this lecture include 3ds Max, ZBrush, Adobe Photoshop and V-Ray, however, the majority of the techniques are applicable across all 3D packages. For those interested in improving their environment workflow, Seth’s years of experience and clear passion for the subject will help develop your skills, whether you are a student or professional.

Duration: 133 minutes

Format: HD 1280x720

Seth Thompson

Cinematic Environment Modeling Supervisor, Blizzard Entertainment

Seth Thompson has over fourteen years of professional experience in the video game industry as a cinematic artist and expertise in environment and set design, modeling, surfacing, lighting, and layout. Seth grew up practicing traditional art on a farm in Virginia with big dreams of one day working on video games at Blizzard Entertainment or Square-Enix. He has had the luck to see both of these dreams come true, working for over eleven years on the Cinematic Team at Blizzard Entertainment and for three years on Square-Enix’s Visual Works Team in Tokyo, Japan. Seth is currently Blizzard Entertainment’s cinematic Environment Modeling Supervisor in Irvine, and has created and supervised assets for various game Cinematics including Warcraft IIIWorld of WarcraftStarCraft IIDiablo IIIFinal Fantasy XII and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children.

  • "Having the privilege of working with Seth as my supervisor when I was at Blizzard Entertainment, I am very excited that he is sharing his knowledge and passion for art with this Gnomon release. Seth is one of those artists who you would relocate to go to work with. His passion for art is shown, not just with his amazing environment work at Sqaure-Enix (Visual Works Team) and Blizzard Cinematics, but as well with his personal art work. Seth’s approach to art creation, with a focus on both artistic skill and production focused growth, make this a must own for Environment artists everywhere. Seth is one of the people who has most influenced my skill and growth and I cannot recommend this course enough."

    - David Lesperance
    Artist at Valve Software