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Understanding The Principles of Poster Design

With Tomasz Opasinski


Understanding The Principles of Poster Design is an empirical guide to contemporary commercial poster design as well as its ingredients. From storytelling elements, through title treatment design, and technical requirements, to data-influenced design decisions for effective design to convey stories and deliver specific messages to desired audiences.

What is a poster? More importantly: What is the role of a poster? Sit back and relax while learning the complete life cycle of a successful poster — as mastered by a designer and art director with more than two decades of experience crafting campaigns for entertainment clients. Layer by layer, Tomasz walks through published poster examples and highlights the important cues and techniques that all designers should take note of.

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how Hollywood’s biggest studios approach poster design, this workshop is for you. Tomasz discusses how to design from within a team, how to overcome challenges, and explains what typical commercial campaigns look like in the real world. This workshop is for graphic designers, visual storytellers, and those that appreciate the art of great design.

Duration: 4h 44m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Tomasz Opasinski

Visual Empiricist

Tomasz Opasinski is a visual empiricist, author, and independent consultant for Hollywood entertainment advertising agencies, video game companies, and film studios. He’s been a participant, winner, and juror of numerous national and international competitions and is an active member of the design community as a speaker, a mentor, and an instructor. His practice includes traditional poster-making, large format digital graffiti, digital photography, 3D modeling, and hard-surface modeling for conceptual compositing.

He’s been working on the creative side of entertainment advertising for over 20 years and has contributed to over 500 entertainment brand campaigns for theatrical, streaming, and television, as well as campaigns for video game and interactive industries. While working as the Creative Lead, he worked on 700 Netflix Originals and 100 innovation projects. He’s eternally big on ideas and details and revels in being at the helm of complex multi-agency creative projects — from ideation to execution.