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Storyboarding for Film & Games

Creating a Sequence using Storyboard Pro & Blender with Ibraheem Jara


Learn the complete storyboarding process that professional storyboard artists use when creating sequences for blockbuster movies and AAA games. Ibraheem Jara has storyboarded on projects, including Spider-Man, X-Men ‘97, Star Trek: Prodigy, and Overwatch 2, and in this 2-hour workshop, he shares his workflow, from initial planning to a complete storyboard sequence using Storyboard Pro and Blender.

The workshop begins with basic planning, including how to create story beats with a focus on locations and characters. From there, the thumbnails are loosely laid down to sketch out the ideas before Ibraheem takes them through various passes as he molds them into a working storyboard sequence. Throughout the workshop, he offers invaluable expert tips to help you master composition, lighting, acting, action, editing, and pacing in your own storyboards. You’ll also see how Ibraheem adds and subtracts elements of a story throughout his natural process in order to get to the working final product.

Duration: 1h 59m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Ibraheem Jara

Storyboard Artist

Ibraheem Jara is an artist from Upstate New York. He’s been working as a Storyboard Artist since 2018 and has contributed to projects including Final Space, Star Trek: Prodigy, Overwatch 2, and X-Men ‘97. While most of the projects he’s worked on are action/adventure-centered, he likes to think of himself as focused primarily on adventure over action. His main software includes Storyboard Pro, Blender, and Photoshop. Follow Ibraheem on Instagram @killamanejara.