The Gnomon Workshop

Pre-Visualization for Film



The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Pre-Visualization for Film", with Jason Michael Hall

Many of today's films are extensively pre-visualized using 3D tools, in order to block out scenes and plan for both on-set shoots and visual effects. In this title, Jason Michael Hall will show you the power of pre-viz and how much a single artist can achieve in a relatively short amount of time. The demonstration will also prepare you for what it will be like to work as a pre-viz artist in the film industry. Starting from an empty scene in Maya, Jason will show the process of building assets and setting up your scene, including free and affordable resources for retaining assets and streamlining your workflow. Followed by a discussion on cameras and cinematography basics, he'll take you through the blocking stage to a fully realized action sequence while discussing efficiency, organization, cinematography techniques, and tips and tricks to speed up and streamline your workflow.