The Gnomon Workshop

Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Jumping Spider with Eric Keller

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Modeling and Rendering a Realistic Jumping Spider", with Eric Keller.
In this video series, Eric Keller demonstrates his process for designing, modeling and texturing an accurate and realistic jumping spider. Starting from a simple block out in Pixologic's ZBrush, Eric shows you his pipeline for sculpting accurate details, painting textures and materials in Substance Painter, creating a working topology and UVs in Maya, generating realistic fur using Peregrine Lab's Yeti, and setting up lighting and rendering properties using Redshift for Maya.
Along the way Eric discusses important aspects of spider anatomy and biology that should inspire and inform creature designers and modelers. He demonstrates lighting and compositional techniques based on his study of insect and spider macro photography. The video series is designed for intermediate to advanced CG artists looking to expand their skill set and their knowledge of well as incorporating Peregrine Labs Yeti fur software into their own models. Example files are provided.