The Gnomon Workshop

Creating Stone Wall Materials in Substance Designer


The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Creating Stone Wall Materials in Substance Designer", with Josh Lynch.


Learn from Senior Texture Artist, Josh Lynch, as he discusses the industry-standard workflows and techniques he uses to create believable stone wall materials in Substance Designer.


Laying down the foundations before jumping into Substance Designer, Josh discusses his methods for selecting reference photographs and establishing a “plan of attack,” and gives a clear overview of his realistic stone wall material. The thorough walkthrough that proceeds dives deep into Substance Designer and uncovers how to harness the power of the software and its out-of-the-box nodes for realistic-looking results. Plus, uncover tips for taking advantage of subgraphs and exposed parameters for highly organized and effective graphs.


Each section of the class is broken down to help you understand the theory and practice first and foremost. The workflows and techniques explored by Josh provide consistent, manageable and predictable ways of using Substance Designer, which can be used to create a wide variety of other materials.