The Gnomon Workshop

Building a Stylized Environment, Volume 1

Ideation to Creation: Blockmesh, Bridge, Castle

The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Building a Stylized Environment, Volume 1", Ideation to Creation: Blockmesh, Bridge, Castle with Martin Teichmann.


In this series, Martin Teichmann, Environment Modeler at Naughty Dog, takes you through his complete production workflow to build a stylized game ready environment; a process that requires not only technical and artistic knowledge, but also insight into the mechanics of game play in order to deliver the best experience for the player. In this first volume of a three part series, Martin guides you through his ideation process, reference gathering and the initial stages of development for a large environment. He creates a meaningful block mesh in 3ds Max which can then be turned into modules to split the environment creation process into small tasks. Using the example of an arch module, Martin demonstrates the asset’s creation through low-poly modeling and texturing in 3dsMax, hi-poly sculpting in ZBrush and texture generation in Substance Designer. Basic software knowledge is required as the workshop primarily focuses on workflow and the development of a unique art style. At the end, students will have a thorough understanding of the layout and early production process for game environments, and be ready for volume two where Martin moves on to the terrain, rocks and foliage.