Maya Rendering & Compositing Techniques

with Christophe Desse

Sample Clip


Rendering Multiple Passes in Maya (Includes Scene Files)

  • Duration: 30 min

In this tutorial Christophe Desse shows how he uses Maya's Render Layers to give him more control over his final render. Using a production-ready scene file, Christophe covers Render Layers, Masks, Ambient Occlusion and settings for Mental Ray. This tutorial also includes all the files necessary for you to follow along and create your own hot-rod render.

Compositing Multiple Passes (Includes Files)

  • Duration: 47 min

In this tutorial Christophe Desse explains the conceptual foundation necessary to get great images from compositing multiple passes in Fusion or Photoshop. In Fusion Christophe explains each stage of his work from a platform neutral perspective. While compositing he uses different render passes and masks to enhance the render. He uses ambient occlusion to increase the contrast in the texture, masks to isolate areas and effects, Christophe tweaks the overall look in a fast, easy to understand approach.

Modeling Muscle Car Wheels

  • Duration: 140 min

In this tutorial Christophe Dess shows us how he models the wheels for his super-charged cars. Using Maya's polygon modeling tools, Christophe creates all the components necessary wheel, rim, tire tread and hub. Once modeled, he uses XNormal and Photoshop to create a tread pattern which he later uses as a bump map. Finally, he lays out his Uvs and brings everthing together in a final render.

Mental Ray sketch and cell rendering in Maya 2009 (with Maya 2009 scene files)

  • Duration: 90 min

In this video Christophe Desse show his workflow for the creation of his sketch and cell rendering in Maya 2009. This tutorial includes setting up the shaders and all the steps necessary to render them in Maya. He also details the compositing and finaling stages in Photoshop.

These videos are available as Digital Downloads only, at a resolution of 1024x768. Software requirements: QuickTime Movie Player (Version 7.0 or higher).

Christophe Desse

Environment Artist, Naughty Dog

Christophe worked as a special effect artist and modeller for advertising, tv, film, and games in France, Germany and Singapore. He is curently working at Naughty Dog in Santa Monica as an environement artist. He started to tinker with 3d software back in 1991, and is now experienced with most industry-standard packages. When he is not working on industry defining AAA titles at work ( uncharted 1, uncharted 2 uncharted 3, the last of us ,uncharted 4), Christophe enjoys creating cartoony or stylized characters and super charged muscle cars.