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Making Frankenstein’s Monster

with Peter Zoppi

For anyone interested in high-resolution 3D character illustration techniques, this title offers invaluable insights to the workflow of an accomplished industry artist.
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Global Illumination and Caustics in Maya & mental ray

with Frederic Durand

In this lecture, Frederic discusses how to balance accuracy, intensity and photon emission to create fast, production quality renders using Global Illumination, Caustics and Final…
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Visual Development for Feature Animation

with Gil Rimmer

Gil guides you through the creation of a visual development piece; from the first stages of idea generation and reference gathering, to rough staging, blocking…
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Maya Viewport 2.0 and Shader FX

with Eric Keller

Eric explores the new features and functionality of Maya's Viewport 2.0 including Shader FX, DirectX 11 materials, ambient occlusion, reflections, translucency, displacements and more.
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Final Gather in Maya & mental ray

with Frederic Durand

For those interested in mastering mental ray, this title offers invaluable techniques from an experienced industry artist.
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Photo Collage Prototyping

with Ryan Hawkins

Whether you need to quickly produce concept art or add finishing touches to a 3D illustration, this demonstration provides invaluable tips and tricks.
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Meet the Artist

Interview with Manny Fragelus

Basically I’ve been working in the animation industry for just about 9 years now. Upon graduating college, a couple friends […]

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community forum image challenge

2D Contest: Giant

Winner: Keyry

3D Contest: Van Helsin's Weapon

Winner: Stalio

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Enter the Contest and Win DVDs!

Every month we create new 2D and 3D challenges. Winners receive up to 25 titles of their choice from the Gnomon Workshop library. Good luck! Contest Details

Contest Details

About the Image Challenge

Online communities have proven to be an amazing resource for artists. The Gnomon Workshop has had the unique opportunity to inspire, motivate and train artists from all walks of life and all around the globe, and our forum is a great place for you to share your work with other artists who have a passion for learning and community.

Every month we create a new challenge based on specific themes. Our judges select four winners from the 2D Concept and 3D Concept categories (8 total), who will receive up to 25 Gnomon Workshop DVDs (winners get to choose of course)!

What criteria are used to pick the winner?

The winners are chosen based on our judges' personal criteria, however we often award prizes to artists whose CONCEPTS or IDEAS are excellent, regardless of technical execution. While first place awards tend to bias to a combination of concept AND technical merit, we often choose winners who show POTENTIAL. We love to see new artists emerge, and this is a good way to give artists exposure while rewarding them for their talents.


Their professors – and founders – are people who truly inspire. They don’t just teach the ‘how to’ – they give you context, understanding and expectations of ‘how to on the job’. Theirs is a practical approach to actually working in film, video and gaming. It’s that amazing ideal, where art and making a living peacefully co-exist. You can certainly become a successful working artist without Gnomon, but with their pedigree, placement stats, culture and track record, why take that chance? — JJ Abrams, CEO, Bad Robot Productions, Director Star Trek, Super 8

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