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3D Design for Production

With Vitaly Bulgarov

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In this lecture, Vitaly Bulgarov shows his process of creating a fully rendered 3D design for production-oriented pipelines. Using the example of an alien bust, Vitaly goes through the main steps of creating a sci-fi character design from scratch. He begins by making a quick bust sketch in ZBrush®. He then creates a detailed suit design in XSI® using the block-out as a guideline for the proportions of the alien bust. By doing this, Vitaly shows the techniques and tools he uses to create complicated surfaces like multi-layered metal plates, rubber pads, tubes, and attachments. Solving design on the fly, without making any preliminary sketches, he builds a fully detailed mesh for the helmet and suit, explaining why certain design decisions are made. Once the model is complete, Vitaly takes it into KeyShot® for raytrace rendering and then brings the renders to Photoshop® to finalize the design, push the overall look and bring more personality to the character by adding final textures and detail enhancements.

  • Sketching a guide mesh in ZBrush
  • Introduction to XSI Modeling Workflow
  • Retopologizing and Refining Form in XSI
  • Relaxing and Shrink-wrapping geometry in XSI
  • Micro Detailing
  • Using existing edges to add extra details
  • Material and Lighting setup in Keyshot
  • Rendering with KeyShot
  • Refining Textures and Materials in Photoshop
  1. ZBrush Block Out
  2. XSI Intro
  3. XSI Block Out
  4. XSI Initial Detail
  5. Topology Clean Up
  6. Neck Refinement
  7. Refinement Part 1
  8. Refinement Part 2
  9. Refinement Part 3
  10. KeyShot
  11. Photoshop

  • Product Code: VBU02
  • ISBN: 1-59762-771-2
  • UPC: 805366017934
  • Duration: 148 minutes
  • Formats: DVD-ROM

DVD-ROM Requirements:

  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 64 MB Video RAM
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • 5 GB of hard disk space
  • 1280 x 1024 display

DVD-ROM and Digital Download Requirements:

Minimum Operating System:

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista®
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Apple® Mac® OS X 10.2


  • QuickTime Movie Player (Version 7.0 or higher)
  • Acrobat Reader (Version 5.0 or higher)

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  • Software Used:

  • Softimage

  • Adobe

  • Pixologic

  • Keyshot

Vitaly Bulgarov

3D Artist

Vitaly Bulgarov is an award-winning 3D artist who is currently working at Blizzard Entertainment as a Cinematic Artist. He started his career in Moldova as a freelance artist about six years ago. After moving to Moscow he worked in major Russian game development studios as a full-time artist, while at the same time continuing to freelance for American and European studios. Vitaly regularly contributes to online CG artist forums and has won many awards including a CGChoice Award as well as the 3DTotal Excellence Award.

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"When I came across Vitaly’s work for the first time I was really impressed by his notion of design, shapes and form. In addition to Vitaly’s mechanical design, which is one of the best that I have ever seen, his creative organic design has an extremely strong style, which make his work very unique. I am very proud to have Vitaly on my team."

- Fausto De Martini
3D Art Director
Blizzard Entertainment

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