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Creature and Character Design

Concept Sketching with Sang Jun Lee

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Professional art always helps to bring new ideas to life. Although a concept artist has a wide range of responsibilities, their overall mission is to understand the vision of directors, writers, and various clients to help bring their ideas to visual form. No matter what tools technology has to offer, drawing will always be the most fundamental way to develop these ideas as well as helping to discover your own style. In this DVD, Sang Jun dissects his concept process through four different ideations, from initial thumbnailing to final refinement in Adobe Photoshop®. Learn how to generate ideas, how to strengthen aspects such as silhouette, rhythm, gesture and expression, and how to develop costume design. Watch as creatures and characters come to life before your eyes and learn the steps it takes to communicate your vision clearly and efficiently with little more than a pencil and paper.

  • How to Generate Ideas
  • Thumbnail Sketches
  • Developing Rough Ideas
  • Character Detailing
  • Finding Silhouettes & Rhythm
  • Adding Life to your Drawing (Gesture and Expression)
  • Costume Design
  • Anatomy & Texture
  • Final Drawing
  • 1.1. Tripod Alien - Thumbnailing
  • 1.2. Tripod Alien - Rough Sketch
  • 1.3. Tripod Alien - Final Sketch and Refining in Photoshop
  • 2.1. Dragonfly Alien - Thumbnailing and Rough Sketch
  • 2.2. Dragonfly Alien - Final Sketch and Refining in Photoshop
  • 3.1. Horn Alien - Thumbnailing
  • 3.2. Horn Alien - Rough Sketch
  • 3.3. Horn Alien - Final Sketch and Detailing
  • 4.1. Royal Family - Thumbnailing and Rough Sketch
  • 4.2. Royal Family - Final Sketch
  • 4.3. Royal Family - Refining in Photoshop

  • Product Code: SJL01
  • ISBN: 1-59762-775-5
  • UPC: 805366017897
  • Duration: 183 minutes
  • Formats: DVD-ROM, Digital Download, Online Subscription

DVD-ROM Requirements:

  • 1GHz or faster processor
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 64 MB Video RAM
  • DVD-ROM Drive
  • 5 GB of hard disk space
  • 1280 x 1024 display

DVD-ROM and Digital Download Requirements:

Minimum Operating System:

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista®
  • Microsoft® Windows® XP Professional
  • Microsoft Windows 2000 Professional
  • Apple® Mac® OS X 10.2


  • QuickTime Movie Player (Version 7.0 or higher)
  • Acrobat Reader (Version 5.0 or higher)

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  • Software Used:

  • Adobe

Sang Jun Lee

Concept Artist

Sang Jun Lee received his BFA in Illustration at the Academy of Art University in California. After graduating, he continued to explore his imagination by specializing in character, costume, and creature design for feature film, commercial and game studios. Such clients include Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm, Blue Sky Studios, Sony Computer Entertainment, and Electronic Arts. His film credits include Pirates of the Caribbean, Star Wars: Episode III, Men in Black II, Hulk, War of the Worlds, Dr Seuss' Horton Hears a Who, and Blue Sky's 2011 release, Rio.

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"In these days of digital shortcuts and lightspeed deadlines, good draughtsmanship—the apex skill of almost every art—has become a rebel force fighting the galactic empire in many schools and studios.  Fortunately for us, Star Wars and Blue Sky concept artist Sang Jun Lee is a sketching master, and reveals not only his hard-won secrets for creating characters and ideas out of thin air, but how much more powerful they can be when you've really truly learned to draw."

- Iain McCaig

"The mark of a good character designer is the ability to infuse personality and then individuality to all the designs he or she makes. Sang Jun Lee possesses a great ability to do all that...and he draws really well. That recipe makes some tasty food for anyone wanting to study character design."

- Carlos Huante

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