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Fundamentals of Perspective 1

One-Point Principles and Concepts with Gary Meyer

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A solid understanding of Perspective gives the artist the means to draw what they see both accurately and believably. This series on the Fundamentals of Perspective will provide artists with the understanding of not only the concepts but also put them into practice as Illustration master Gary Meyer guides you through each exercise. In this lecture titled Fundamentals of Perspective 1: One-Point Principles and Concepts, the basic concepts of one-point perspective will be covered. This lecture primarily focuses on the fundamental understanding of the principles, terminology, and the concept of scale in perspective. Gary will demonstrate through various exercises, how to not only set up an illustration in perspective, but also how to draw objects to scale using methods to transfer scale from one object to another in correct perspective. The principles and concepts discussed here provide a solid foundation that the following lectures build upon.

  • Perspective 101
  • Scale in Perspective
  • Principles and Terminology
  • Drawing Rectangles Three Ways
  • Drawing a Simple Room to Scale
  • Transferring Scale in Perspective
  • Introduction
  • Perspective 101
  • Scale in Perspective
  • Principles and Terminology - Part 1
  • Principles and Terminology - Part 2
  • Drawing Rectangles Three Ways
  • Drawing a Simple Room to Scale - Part 1
  • Drawing a Simple Room to Scale - Part 2
  • Transferring Scale in Perspective - Part 1
  • Transferring Scale in Perspective - Part 2
  • Transferring Scale in Perspective - Part 3

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  • Duration: 186 minutes
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Gary Meyer


Gary Meyer has served as an instructor at Art Center College of Design for 23 years. He has served as Professor and Master of the College and was the recipient of the first Faculty Award (elected by the faculty of Art Center). Gary has also been awarded seventeen Great Teacher Awards (elected by the graduating classes). His teaching experience includes Advanced Illustration, Advanced Sketching, Advanced Sketching for Illustration, Perspective, Intro to Head Painting, Head Drawing, Entertainment Design, Visual Communication 3, Visual Communication 5, Communication Sketching, Portraiture, Architectural Design 1 and 2, Matte Painting, Composition and Painting. Gary has also taught at Otis College of Art and Design, Universal Studios Design and Development and the Animation Institute of Los Angeles. His commercial clients include all major aircraft companies, all major motion picture studios, Reader's Digest, Random House, Six Flags Parks, Levis, CBS Records, Electra Asylum Records, New West Magazine, Warner Books and many others.