The Gnomon Workshop

Introduction to MODO

Today we are happy to welcome Gennaro Esposito to the library with the release of "Introduction to Modo". Modo is a powerful 3D tool used in the film, game and design industries.

Known for its intuitive interface and artist friendly approach, this title provides a jump start for users new to the software. In this lecture, 3D Artist Gennaro Esposito provides a thorough introduction to Modo 12 while demonstrating the core toolset for navigation, selection, modeling, unwrapping, texturing, lighting, shading and rendering. Through the creation of a professional asset designed by Oscar Cafaro, he delves into the user interface and viewport, then demonstrates the main modeling tools, the procedural modeling approach, Mesh Fusion and the topology tools. He explains how to create UVs, how to utilize 3D paint and how to manage lighting, shaders and rendering, as well as multi-pass compositing. While an introductory title, students will learn how Modo’s efficient workflow fits into production as a powerful complement to any pipeline.