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Character Photogrammetry - 3D Scan and Retopology for Production

3D Scan and Retopology for Production


Ara Kermanikian headshot

Ara Kermanikian
Concept Designer


Ara Kermanikian is a concept designer with a focus on sophisticated futuristic character, vehicle, and set design for film, games, television, advertising, VR worlds, and 3D prints. He is particularly fond of designing futuristic mechs, cybernetic enhanced creatures and robotics. Ara is currently contracting with clients in the entertainment, scientific and design industries and working on his second book, Polysculpting, (Design Studio Press). He is also a visual storytelling, 3D modeling, animation, and character design educator at Art Center College of Design and OTIS College of Art and Design and has taught online with CG Society and has numerous tutorials on YouTube and Vimeo.