In this three disc set, the entire production process of making the music video White Swan is revealed. Winner of “Best Music Video” at hdfest, White Swan is a unique collaboration between students from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects and director Sil van der Woerd. This set breaks down step-by-step the process for integrating live action footage with complex digital sets to create an imaginative world inspired by the music of singer Lolly Jane Blue.

Each disc explores a particular phase in the production's pipeline from concept to final compositing. Sil begins with a discussion of early explorations and the pre-production process, and he's followed by the students as they cover their particular responsibilities for the production. Sil and the students cover many technical subjects including motion tracking in Boujou, compositing, rotoscoping and keying in After Effects, previsualization, modeling in ZBrush, texturing in BodyPaint, digital sets, animation and effects in Maya.

This set hopes to inspire and educate anyone who dreams of creating their own live-action production that incorporates dynamic visual effects.

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Volume One: Production Overview


Volume One: Production Overview


Volume One: Production Overview


Artist Bio: Sil Van Der Woerd

Sil van der Woerd studied fine arts at the Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands. At the Academy, Sil used film and mixed new media, live action video and dominant soundtracks to express his fictitious, atmospheric worlds. In 2004 his short film Duet started to gain public attention and had a series of successful festival plays. Then his film Swim went global and played at some of the worlds biggest festivals, bringing home several awards and nominations. Sil's music video for the track Worms, by singer Lolly Jane Blue, showcased some high-profile visual effects techniques that Sil learned during his studies at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, in Hollywood.

The making of Worms was covered in a ten-hour training DVD series recorded at the Gnomon Workshop. Sil created an underwater sequence for the 9th edition of Sensation, the world's leading dance event and did freelance work for OneSize, a Dutch Motion Graphics company. His videos have received millions of views on YouTube.

Sil is represented in the US by Digital Domain, in Europe by Annex Films and in Asia by Tribe International. Sil currently resides in Los Angeles.

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