In this four-disc set, Sil van der Woerd reveals the entire production process of making Worms, a music video in which Sil integrated live action footage with complex digital sets and characters to create imaginative worlds.

The first disc in this set gives a general overview of the entire production pipeline. The following three discs feature breakdowns of different scenes which are fully analyzed and discussed from sketch to the final composition.

Sil covers many technical subjects including motion tracking in Boujou, compositing, rotoscoping and keying in After Effects, previsualization, modeling, texturing, digital sets, animation and dynamics in Maya.

The combination of behind-the-scenes material, practical tricks and technical tutorials make this set an enjoyable way to learn and absorb valuable knowledge.

This set hopes to inspire everyone who dreams of starting their own production and aims to help turn your independent project into a professional production.

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Included Chapters

  1. Getting Started
  2. Overview
  3. Concept and Storyboarding
  4. Planning and Basic 3D Design
  5. Preparing for the Shoot
  6. Production
  7. Actual Shoot
  8. Offline Edit
  9. Motion Tracking with Boujou
  10. Compositing w/ After Effects
  11. Final Worms Music Video

Included Chapters

  1. Analyzing
  2. Modeling
  3. Lighting and Textures
  4. Importing Boujou Data
  5. Rendering
  6. Setup for Compositing
  7. Rotoscoping
  8. Layers and Effects
  9. Special Cases
  10. Elevator Scene
  11. Hall Scene
  12. Final Worms Music Video

Included Chapters

  1. Speaker Scene: Intro
  2. Speaker Scene: Maya
  3. Speaker Scene: After Effects
  4. Close-ups
  5. Plastic Dress: Intro
  6. Plastic Dress: Maya
  7. Plastic Dress: After Effects
  8. Breakdancer Scene
  9. Cable Scene
  10. Final Worms Music Video

Included Chapters

  1. Underwater Basics
  2. Modeling Fish
  3. Fish Animation and After Effects
  4. Modeling Jellyfish
  5. Jellyfish Animation and After Effects
  6. Crowd Scene
  7. Final Worms Music Video


In 2005 Sil van der Woerd finished his study of fine arts at the Academy of Art and Design in Arnhem, the Netherlands. At the Academy Sil started using film and mixed new media, live action video and dominant soundtracks to express his fictitious, atmospheric worlds. In 2004 his short film Duet started to gain public attention and had a series of successful festival plays. Then his film Swim went global and played at some of the worlds biggest festivals, bringing home several awards and nominations.

Sil's first music video for the track Worms, by singer Lolly Jane Blue, introduced his new skills in directing, and showcased some high-profile visual effects techniques that Sil learned during his studies at the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, in Hollywood.

Recently, Sil started working on his latest film project: White Swan, which is another music video for singer Lolly Jane Blue.

For more information about Sil and his amazing career visit his website.