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Mouth Interior
This asset includes four poly base meshes: Top Teeth, Bottom Teeth, Top Gums and Bottom Gums. Total facecount is 2508, all quads. The asset includes four .obj's and a single Maya .mb scene file. Perfect for any humanoid head.
Male Human Head Basemesh
Male human head basemesh with organized topology. UVs are unwrapped. Ready to be imported into Zbrush or reorganized to match another design.
Elephant Skin
So I went to an amazing taxidermy place in Burbank, CA (Bischoff's) to find some cool things to scan for textures. They had some elephant skin there that they were not allowed to sell (illegal), but they would let me rent. So I did... and here are high-res scans of four swatches. They are each 4k and are really quite beautifully rich in detail... great source material for skin.
Stone Alphas
Here are some free Stone alphas. Let's thank Sofia ValeCruz for putting these together. Thanks Sofia... :) This alpha pack contains 43 alphas
Organic Alphas
Here are some free alphas for everyone... enjoy. Let's thank Sofia ValeCruz who actually put these together! Thanks Sofia. This alpha pack contains 62 512x512 PSDs
Human Basemesh - Simple
This is an obj that works well as a humanoid basemesh for Zbrush/etc when you do not want to feel constricted by topology. It is what I usually use in Zbrush when making a humanoid figure.