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Free ZBrush Tutorials

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Texture to displacement
In this video I will be discussing how to create seams in cloth using polygroups based on the UV shells of a model. We will also be discussing how to convert UV based texture files (in this case the cloth pattern of a shirt) into a displacement map and how to place it on the model as sculptural detail.
UV Layout on a Human Head using ZBrush
Here, Mark shows how to layout UVs on a Human Head using ZBrush and the UV Master tool-set. He first shows how to achieve a fairly clean general layout, then goes back in to refine the layout using "Control Painting" features to protect and attract as well as ways to control UV density in various regions of the UVs.
Displacement Tutorial
In this video we will be discussing the process of generating 16 bit and 32 bit displacements. We will also cover using the GoZ plugin in order to export models and how it automates the displacement setup process in Maya.
Creating Custom Alphas in ZBrush
In this video, Scott Spencer illustrates how to create custom alphas in ZBrush, as well as many other tips and tricks
Multi Map Exporter
From the DVD "Introduction to ZBrush 4" with Scott Spencer. In this lesson, Scott demonstrates how to use the Multi Map Exporter plugin with ZBrush 4.
Lighting with Materials.
Neville Page, creature designer for Avatar, Star Trek and Cloverfield, demostrates his ZBrush PhotoShop Workflow.
Mouth Interior
This asset includes four poly base meshes: Top Teeth, Bottom Teeth, Top Gums and Bottom Gums. Total facecount is 2508, all quads. The asset includes four .obj's and a single Maya .mb scene file. Perfect for any humanoid head.
Male Human Head Basemesh
Male human head basemesh with organized topology. UVs are unwrapped. Ready to be imported into Zbrush or reorganized to match another design.
Human Basemesh - Simple
This is an obj that works well as a humanoid basemesh for Zbrush/etc when you do not want to feel constricted by topology. It is what I usually use in Zbrush when making a humanoid figure.