Instructor Gallery

The Gnomon Workshop has created over 300 DVDs with over 130 artists that work in visual effects for films and video games, entertainment design, illustration, comics, industrial design, sculpture and tattooing. These artists represent a huge range of artistic style and experience but share in common their passion for teaching their techniques to the world-wide community of artists, including students, professionals and hobbyists alike. Below you will find information about each of our artists as well as a small sampling of their work. Browse and enjoy!

  • Aaron Limonick
    Aaron Limonick

    Illustrator and Concept Designer

    • Aaron Sims
      Aaron Sims

      Art Director

      • Alessandro Baldasseroni
        Alessandro Baldasseroni

        3D Artist

        • Alessandro Cangelosi
          Alessandro Cangelosi

          Technical Director and VFX Artist Renkewitz Studios

          • Alex Alvarez
            Alex Alvarez

            Founder / Director The Gnomon Workshop
            Gnomon School of Visual Effects

            • Alex Jaeger
              Alex Jaeger

              Visual Effects Art Director

              • Alex Sandri
                Alex Sandri

                3D Artist

                • Alvin Lee
                  Alvin Lee

                  Comic Book Illustrator

                  • Andras Kavalecz
                    Andras Kavalecz

                    3D Artist

                    • Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas
                      Aristomenis (Meni) Tsirbas

                      Director, VFX Supervisor, Digital Artist

                      • Ben Neall
                        Ben Neall

                        • Bob Kato
                          Bob Kato

                          Art Center College of Design

                          • Brandon Young
                            Brandon Young

                            VFX Artist

                            • Brendan McCaffery
                              Brendan McCaffery

                              Digital Artist

                              • Burke Roane
                                Burke Roane

                                Animation Supervisor Rhythm and Hues

                                • Cajun Hylton
                                  Cajun Hylton

                                  Lead Modeler
                                  Luma Pictures

                                  • Cameron Davis
                                    Cameron Davis

                                    Freelance Illustrator

                                    • Carl Grace
                                      Carl Grace

                                      Tattoo Artist

                                      • Carlo Sansonetti
                                        Carlo Sansonetti


                                        • Carlos Huante
                                          Carlos Huante

                                          Art Director
                                          Industrial Light and Magic

                                          • Cecil Kim
                                            Cecil Kim

                                            Concept Designer

                                            • Cesar Dacol Jr
                                              Cesar Dacol Jr

                                              Character Designer and Development

                                              • Charles Hu
                                                Charles Hu

                                                Figure Painter

                                                • Chet Zar
                                                  Chet Zar

                                                  Digital Artist

                                                  • Christian Alzmann
                                                    Christian Alzmann

                                                    Senior Art Director ILM

                                                    • Christian Lorenz Scheurer
                                                      Christian Lorenz Scheurer

                                                      Concept Artist

                                                      • Christophe Desse
                                                        Christophe Desse

                                                        3D Artist

                                                        • Christopher Nichols
                                                          Christopher Nichols

                                                          Senior Lighting Technical Director
                                                          Sony Pictures Imageworks

                                                          • Christopher Stoski
                                                            Christopher Stoski

                                                            Lead Digital Matte Artist
                                                            Industrial Light & Magic

                                                            • Darin Hilton
                                                              Darin Hilton

                                                              Matte Painter and Concept Artist

                                                              • Dave Pasciuto
                                                                Dave Pasciuto

                                                                Art Director

                                                                • David Finch
                                                                  David Finch

                                                                  Comic Book Illustrator

                                                                  • David Krentz
                                                                    David Krentz

                                                                    Concept Artist

                                                                    • David Lesperance
                                                                      David Lesperance

                                                                      Environment Artist

                                                                      • David Levy
                                                                        David Levy

                                                                        Concept Artist

                                                                        • David Meng
                                                                          David Meng

                                                                          Creature Designer and Sculptor, Weta

                                                                          • Dean Deakyne
                                                                            Dean Deakyne

                                                                            Tattoo Artist

                                                                            • Derek Thompson
                                                                              Derek Thompson

                                                                              Story Artist
                                                                              Pixar Animation Studios

                                                                              • Dylan Cole
                                                                                Dylan Cole

                                                                                Concept Designer/Matte Painter