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VES to Honor Syd Mead with Visionary Award

Syd Mead Tomorrowland

We’ve had the honor of working with legendary designer and concept artist, Syd Mead, to produce several Gnomon Workshop titles. We would like to congratulate Syd for being the next recipient of the Visual Effects Society’s prestigious Visionary Award.

“Suicide Squad” gets a fun new trailer

Warner Brothers just released a brand new trailer for the upcoming “Suicide Squad” set for release on August 5th, 2016. Gnomon Workshop artists Justing Holt and Richard Smith worked on the film as a texture paint supervisor and as the lead animator.

You can watch Justin Holt’s tutorials on texturing here while you can also watch Richard Smith’s tutorials on modeling here.

Congratulations to Iain McCaig and Christian Alzmann for “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” record breaking weekend!

It seems no box office record was safe from “Star wars: The Force Awakens” which premiered to a record shattering $247 million debut. Not to mention it also broke the record for the highest opening day of $120 million. Iain McCaig served as a concept artist for the film while Christian Alzmann designed the new fan favorite, BB-8.

Check out Iain McCaig’s tutorials on character design and Christian Alzmann’s tutorial on digital painting

Congratulations to Francesco Corvino for Independence Day: Resurgence

A new trailer for a sequel 20 years in the making has been released today. We look forward to seeing work from Francesco Corvino on screen as he was a concept designer for the film. Independence Day: resurgence is set for a summer release in 2016.

You can find Francesco Corvino’s tutorial on matte painting techniques for concept design here

Congratulations to Aaron Sims for Krampus and The Hunger Games: Mockingjay part2

The holiday themed horror comedy, Krampus, performed stronger than anticipated it’s opening weekend, coming in #2 domestically behind Hunger Games Mockingjay part 2 which was #1 for the 3rd weekend in a row and bringing it’s worldwide total to $523 million. Aaron sims was a concept designer for both films.

You can check out all of his tutorials on creature design here.