Character Rigging: Production Practices and Techniques

Today, The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the highly anticipated release Character Rigging:
Production Practices and Techniques
by Senior Character TD Axel Stanley-Grossman. The art of Character Rigging, a process often shrouded in technical terminology and proprietary scripts will be completely demystified in this set of lessons. The foundation of a solid character rig starts with the skeleton. Axel employs a number of cool production tricks necessary to construct a skeleton using production standards. His use of a few scripted tool sets allows him to demonstrate the importance in separating deformation and control rigs while using a multi-pose skeletal system. Once the skeleton is properly set up, IK and FK controls are added to the arms, legs and spine. Blending controls, stretchy IK, and “reverse foot” controls are then applied to provide more motion control for the animators. Axel then ties everything together by constructing control curves for the rig system to finalize the rig. Throughout the lectures, Axel will highlight the most common production issues faced when constructing a character rig, and show how to fix them using a simple set of scripts and a few proven production techniques.