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This week, The Gnomon Workshop announces the release of Environment Modeling for Games from lead environment artist Nate Stephens. This DVD focuses on the tools and techniques Nate uses in his day-to-day modeling production. Nate begins with concept art developed by renowned concept artist, Cecil Kim, and proceeds to identifying main features and shapes of the design. He also identifies many of the forms that repeat in the design. Next, Nate blocks out the forms and structure of the environment, while taking the viewer through many of the fundamental operations of the tools and commands he will be using to complete the model. After completing the block-out phase, he digs in and starts modeling, touching on the key concepts and techniques he uses as he continuously refines the model. Relying on his years of game modeling experience, he constantly reminds the viewer of “why” he is making specific changes… as well as showing you how. Through the process, you will get a first-hand view of the development process, from start to finish, of a production game environment model, as seen through the eyes and mind of a truly experienced artist.

DVD Description:
In this demonstration, Nate explains and shows the process by which a piece of concept art is interpreted and used to model out a game environment in Maya. In the process, Nate will explain various modeling tools, techniques, and workflows, as well as numerous theories and methods used to create game art. A timelapse video of the entire modeling session is included so that the viewer can see and understand all the techniques being used. Nate will also cover common errors and mistakes to avoid so that the scene will run efficiently in real time and light correctly.

Instructor Bio:
Nate Stephens has been working as an environment artist in the video game industry for the past 10 years. Through work on many projects Nate has become an expert in all disciplines including modeling, texturing, animation, and lighting. Over his career he has worked for such companies as Sony Santa Monica Studios, Blizzard Entertainment, Swingin’ Ape Studios, and Cryptic Studios. Currently as Lead Environment Artist at Sony Santa Monica, Nate works to push the envelope in developing award winning games that raise the bar in terms of graphics and gameplay. Nate has been a driving force on such games as God of War 3, God of War 2, Starcraft Ghost, City of Heroes/City of Villains, and a new exciting unannounced project.

Nate Stephens

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