Two New Tattoo dvds from Carl Grace



This week, The Gnomon Workshop announces two new titles from Carl Grace to its tattoo training lineup. Known primarily for his high-contrast line work and color blending techniques, these two DVDs are bound to open new possibilities in your own work.

In the first lesson of the series High Contrast Black and Gray, Carl demonstrates the tools and techniques he uses to achieve such striking tonal shifts in his blacks. Using a combination of specific tools, inks, and techniques, Carl is able to develop tattoos with such subtle shading notes, delivering an extreme amount of detail in even the darkest areas of the piece.

His second lesson, Advanced Color Blending, Carl moves into his techniques for applying color to skin through a blending and layering method. His approach to color blending is much the same as a painter mixing paints on canvas, only he is applying his paint to living flesh. Carl explains the importance of mixing warm and cool colors, as well as methods to add contrast through colors versus value.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or an artist just starting out in the profession, these DVDs will surely inspire and educate.

High Contrast Black and Gray Tattoo Techniques

DVD Description:

This DVD is the answer to any problem you’ve ever had using black and gray. Carl goes into every detail explaining his machine set up and gray wash preparation, how to create and apply stencils, and adding personal touches. He enters the skin with solid black and the lightest washes, creating dark bold images and soft subtle shades. This three-hour deconstruction will take you through his process step-by-step and make you feel confident in your next black and gray or monochrome tattoo. Develop your own unique style while watching and gaining insight into a renowned artist’s tools and techniques.

Advanced Color Blending Tattoo Techniques

DVD Description:

In this DVD, Carl Grace goes from basic to advanced techniques for how to use color in a tattoo. With over four hours of detailed footage and discussion, Carl explains his step-by-step process of applying color to the skin. He introduces warms and cools, different tones and values of color, and how to layer and blend to create a nice, clean piece, as well as how to create focus in your composition. Machine and needle set-up and stencil application are also discussed. Whether you are a seasoned professional looking for new ways to incorporate color, or a beginner wanting to challenge yourself with color layering and blending techniques, this DVD is the perfect tool to help you learn the correct methods to achieve a painterly, full-color tattoo.

Instructor Bio:

Carl Grace has been tattooing for eleven years, establishing himself as an accomplished up-and-coming tattoo artist. After bringing his talent as a charcoal artist and illustrator to his works on skin, Carl developed a notable style of dark black-and-gray realism. Carl’s most recent forays into color have won him numerous awards at tattoo conventions and brought him recognition from various magazines.

Carl Grace

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