Interview with Manny Fragelus

Basically I’ve been working in the animation industry for just about 9 years now. Upon graduating college, a couple friends and I were fortunate enough to start our own animation studio- MindjuiceCG -right out of school. It was a great learning experience, for all of us, in terms of running our own visual effects shop. Really… there’s nothing quite like it.

While there as a Producer, I was responsible for everything from bidding on projects, to creating show schedules or establishing project deadlines (along with catering to all client needs). This role required an intimate understanding of the many different aspects of the production cycle- and how they relate to one another -while also finding ways to continuously streamline the process. In all, our group did commercial work for a number of local advertising agencies (and various production studios along the way). Eventually we ended up working on some music videos on top of a couple national and international spots.

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